Hotel Kamelot in the suburbs of Uzhgorod
Hotel Kamelot in the suburbs of Uzhgorod
Kamelot is the best hotel in Uzhgorod
Kamelot Hotel Complex with Swimming Pool. Uzhhorod
The best choice for a holiday in Uzhgorod
Kamelot Hotel
There are 67 rooms and 8 wooden cottages of different categories and interior at your disposal, ranging from luxurious royal apartments to ascetic rural cottages.
Карпатский Импульс в Камелоте

Оздоровительная программа, которая  сочетает в себе физические упражнения, курс диагностики, правильное питание и доступ к 4-м инфопродуктам Академии Голтиса

Package "1001 nights"

A great opportunity to take a break from the bustle of the city.
Package "1001 nights" 3d / 2n (for 2)

Отдых в Карпатах и Закарпатье

Живописные Карпаты расположены в западной Украине. Практически по всему Закарпатью раскинуты высокие горы с прекрасными пейзажами, не тронутой природой и бескрайними полонинами...

New Year from Kamelot

Kamelot Hotel Resort & SPA is always a great idea to experience all the beauty of the New Year.

March 8

We invite you to celebrate the holiday of spring with us at Kamelot Hotel Resort & SPA!

Ayurveda package

Learning to understand your body, listening to it, eating well will help you Ayurveda. By adhering to the principles of Ayurveda, you will not only improve your body, but also achieve inner harmony. SPA in Uzhgorod

Package "Weekend"

Holidays in Kamelot. Use the package "Weekend"

Relax & SPA

Fast pace of life, stress, tiredness, lack of time keep us from maintaining harmony and balance. If you have decided to have a rest from modern life and get an opportunity of full relaxation, we are offering you the Relax & Spa package.