Hotel Kamelot in the suburbs of Uzhgorod
Hotel Kamelot in the suburbs of Uzhgorod
Hotel Kamelot in the suburbs of Uzhgorod
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Family vacation in Zakarpattia - Camelot Hotel Complex

Those who plan a full-fledged vacation with children in Uzhorod, know: the task is not so simple. Active and restless, the children are not ready to lie by the pool for hours or quietly play in the room. They are constantly looking for interesting activities and new experiences. And parents are concerned for their children to spend more time in the fresh air and eat well.

If you combine all inquiries together, you will get the best hotel for recreation with children in Zakarpattia - Camelot Hotel Complex. It is located only 15 minutes drive away from Uzhorod. The winning location of the hotel near the Uzh River, surrounded by picturesque forests and mountain peaks, motivates exciting walks.

Birthday celebration in Uzhhorod

Birthday - the most beloved holiday of most people. Many prefer to spend it in a beauti-ful cafe or restaurant with gourmet cuisine, surrounded by friends and the loved ones. It is twice as pleasant when you do not need to spend all day by the stove. Fortunately, now you can easily find a place where experienced professionals will take care of organ-izing the holiday on their own. A good option is a country club or hotel complex, which can accommodate many guests and offer additional entertainment besides a banquet. If you are looking for a place to have a birthday party in Uzhhorod, doing it in the Camelot hotel is the good right choice.


From the very early childhood, every girl dreams of marrying a real prince, and no young minds feeling like an aristocrat. The KAMELOT restaurant is simply created for a royal style wedding.

Owing to our professional team, your holiday will turn into a grand and unforgettable event that will give a deal of joyful emotions and bright positive impressions.

Catering in Uzhhorod is a new word in celebration organization

Any hostess can organize a celebration and be a confident queen ty it because now it is not necessary:

  • scratch your head over what to cook;
  • hunt through the shops and markets, buying the groceries;
  • slave over a hot stove: cut, clean, cook, bake;
  • arrange and lay the tables;
  • run to the kitchen and back, serving the guests;
  • clean and wash, eliminating the effects of the feast.
There is a service of Camelot hotel complex for this purpose - catering.

Conference Hall

An official reception, a large party, an international conference, a memorable presentation, or a beautiful wedding - an event of any format will be provided with the necessary technical, technological and organizational support of the highest level.

The conference room of Kamelot Hotel accommodates from 15 to 130 guests, and our professionals will take care of all the attendant details.

The only goal of the KAMELOT conference service team is to predict customer expectations from the previous meeting on organizing the event until the last guest leaves the front door of the hotel.