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Kamelot Restaurant. Uzhhorod
Kamelot Restaurant. Uzhhorod
Kamelot Restaurant. Uzhhorod
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There are two restaurants, a kolyba and a terrace on your service
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ROYAL hall

ROYAL hall of KAMELOT restaurant can rightfully be called special, because everyone can feel like a real aristocrat here!

The interior of the restaurant hall is decorated in classic palace style, which combines luxury, majesty and rich design. Due to the unique interior, impeccable service, refined European cuisine, the ROYAL hall of KAMELOT restaurant is an apogee of luxury recreation in Uzhhorod and its surroundings!

This restaurant hall is suitable for both magnificent weddings and small banquets.

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KNIGHT hall of KAMELOT restaurant invites you to make an exceptional journey to the era of noble knights and beautiful ladies, the era of monks and robbers, troubadours and minstrels ... Welcome to the Middle Ages! Stylized interior, thought through to the smallest detail, will take you to a completely different world.

In our menu there are dishes prepared by old recipes and exclusively from natural products.

Medieval feast will invariably inspire you for heroic deeds and valiant accomplishments!

And all this in the suburb of Uzhgorod, at the foot of the mountain with Nevitsky castle.

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Summer terrace

 The cozy open terrace is made in classic style. Everything here is inclining that it's time to break away from the city bustle and enjoy the recreation in the fresh air. In the afternoon, a quiet relaxing atmosphere is created, and in the evening romantic mood sways, which is perfect for separate meetings of lovers, as well as for meetings with friends and colleagues.

Attentive waiters, culinary delights of our chefs and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages will make your evening memorable.

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Kolyba is what they used to call seasonal wooden houses of shepherds and loggers, common in the mountainous regions of the Carpathians. Now Kolyba is an authentic restaurant with traditional Zakarpattya cuisine. It is here that you will feel like a real Hutsul and reveal all the delights of our friendly Zakarpattya! Traditional dishes of the Zakarpattya cuisine, such as the bograch, banosh with brynza, strapachki, struh, homemade sausages and rolls, as well as variations of grilled meat products, will not leave even the most demanding gourmet indifferent. Zakarpattyas is famous for its culinary traditions is not without a good reason!

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Best restaurant in Uzhgorod

KAMELOT Restaurant

Residents of big cities have a large selection of cafes and restaurants: it is quite difficult to surprise them pleasantly with the interior or cuisine. However, we can do it and this is confirmed by the feedback of our guests. And if you are looking for a good restaurant in Uzhhorod, where you can enjoy delicious food, celebrate the anniversary or order a wedding banquet, we are waiting for you!


To get to the legendary kingdom of King Arthur, you just need to drive 9 km away from Uzhhorod. Here, at the foot of the wooded mountain, a wonderful castle is waiting for you - the Camelot Hotel Complex.


The hotel's restaurant of the same name is a whole complex. 


The Royal Room impresses with its elegance and luxury - as though you really found yourself at the dinner of the king. Exquisite dishes of European cuisine and high-quality service complement this impression. 


The knight hall is stylized in the interior of the medieval castle: the dishes prepared here are based exclusively on old recipes and only on natural products. An ideal place to feel the romance of ancient times.


For those who appreciate the authentic cuisine and original interior, we invite you to vis-it the Kolyba, where you can enjoy the traditional dishes of Zakarpattia: delicious sau-sages with garlic sauce with beer, bograch and many more. 


The guests can enjoy the magnificent views of the charming summer terrace of our ho-tel.


Camelot has two halls for celebrations, including the largest banquet hall in Uzhhorod for 250 seats.


Wedding organization 


If you are in search of the restaurants for a wedding, Uzhhorod and its suburbs will please you with a variety of options. The popularity of Camelot restaurant is proved by the fact that 2 weddings take place here every week, and it is necessary to book a hall in a year before the scheduled date.


We offer the hall rent and a choice of dishes from the menu to our guests. The average price per person is UAH 900. However, each case is considered individually, depending on the wishes and budget of the customer. For example, we can also organize a thematic table: Cossack table, sweet buffet, etc.


Customers can order the festive design of the chosen hall, photographer, entertainer, musicians.


In addition to the impeccable organization of the event and a variety of menus, we pre-sent the newlyweds with the luxury suite, and their guests are provided with accommo-dation with a 10% discount on the wedding day.


The wedding pictures are the memory for many years. Order a hall at the Camelot Hotel - and we will ensure that in your memories, the atmosphere of the holiday and miracles will sway in your memories!