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Restaurant Kamelot. Uzhgorod
Restaurant Kamelot. Uzhgorod
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Catering in Uzhhorod is a new word in celebration organization

Any hostess can organize a celebration and be a confident queen ty it because now it is not necessary:
  • scratch your head over what to cook;
  • hunt through the shops and markets, buying the groceries;
  • slave over a hot stove: cut, clean, cook, bake;
  • arrange and lay the tables;
  • run to the kitchen and back, serving the guests;
  • clean and wash, eliminating the effects of the feast.
There is a service of Camelot hotel complex for this purpose - catering.

What do we organize?

Catering services in Uzhhorod are a new kind of service, but our team organizes celebrations and business meetings perfectly, because the banquet hall of Camelot restaurant has the highest rating in the region. We have added mobility to our virtues and we are able to organize any holiday in any place at the royal level.
  • Official receptions
In the conference room of a business center or office space, at a recreation center or outdoors - the official reception must always be ready for the appearance of the Queen of England. The organization of such an event requires specialist training, accuracy and discretion among the attendants.
  • Wedding
The time when parents organized the marriage of children are long gone. Now professionals are involved. And it's not necessary to order a cafe or a restaurant, the professional team of Camelot will arrange a wedding banquet at a place where the young couple wants - even on the banks of the river.
  • Corporate parties
A picnic in the open or a thematic party in the office, a banquet with dancing or buffet style - no matter how you plan to hold a corporate holiday, the Camelot professional team will make it in such a way that the mood will be elevated and the price won’t spoil it.
  • Coffee breaks
A light snack with coffee during trainings, conferences or business meetings is not a trifle. Its organization shows the level of the host side more than the watch and director’s car. Serious companies do not trust the servicing of meeting participants to their employees, but invite such experienced professionals, as those in Camelot.
  • Thematic events
To organically combine a banquet or a buffet with the theme of the meeting is top class catering. Not every professional manages to make the menu a full part of the festive event. Specialists of Camelot Company are able to find harmony between dishes and communication.

How to organize?

To make your holiday or business event in Uzhhorod or within Uzhhorod district are at the highest level, it is necessary to order catering service in Camelot company in advance in order to:
  • find out and agree on the format of the event;
  • make the menu according to your desire and budget possibilities;
  • take into account the additional services, prepare and coordinate them.
Call (050) 007-77-27 (restaurant), (050) 070-77-67 (reception) - and Camelot will organize a royal event for you! 
Catering in Uzhhorod is a new word in celebration organization