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Birthday celebration in Uzhhorod

Birthday - the most beloved holiday of most people. Many prefer to spend it in a beauti-ful cafe or restaurant with gourmet cuisine, surrounded by friends and the loved ones. It is twice as pleasant when you do not need to spend all day by the stove. Fortunately, now you can easily find a place where experienced professionals will take care of organ-izing the holiday on their own. A good option is a country club or hotel complex, which can accommodate many guests and offer additional entertainment besides a banquet. If you are looking for a place to have a birthday party in Uzhhorod, doing it in the Camelot hotel is the good right choice.

Advantages of the Camelot Hotel Complex for holiday celebration

  • Location: just 15 minutes drive from Uzhhorod, surrounded by beautiful mountain land-scapes.
  • Luxurious palatial restaurant with European cuisine and large banquet halls, traditional Zakarpattia style hall and a summer terrace.
  • A large well-groomed area where you can stroll and take an airing between the courses.
  • Guests have the opportunity to stay in one of the elegant rooms of the hotel or in a cozy wooden cottage.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, there is "live" music in the restaurant: the finalist of the "Voice of the Country" 5th season Vilen Arumanov sings for our guests.
  • Guests can treat themselves with a massage or cosmetology procedure in a new, remark-able spa center.

Organization of children's birthday parties

Do not waste time searching, where to celebrate a child’s birthday in Uzhhorod at a rea-sonable price, call us! Children’s birthday in a fairy-tale castle - what could be better? The little guests will enjoy the opportunity to be gallant knights or elegant princesses at the royal feast. The menu is pre-agreed with the parents, so the food will not only be tasty, but also useful. The fidgety children can play at the green area of the hotel, which resembles a park area, use the playground, look at the rabbits in the pet’s corner.

Details about birthday celebration

Conditions for ordering a banquet for birthday celebration in the Camelot hotel complex

The maximum capacity of banquet halls is 120 and 250 guests.

It is necessary to book the hall in advance, as the service is in great demand.

Cost of birthday party organization
The restaurant administration adheres to the individual pricing policy: we always dis-cuss the budget with our customers to offer the most appropriate menu cost. The average check is 650 UAH per person, but with an economy version, the price will be significantly lower. The price includes the rental of the room and dishes from the ap-proved menu.

The customers can independently invite musicians and entertainers, as well as designers to decorate the banquet hall. For the little birthday boys and girls as well as their friends, parents usually find a team of professional animators or clowns.

Pleasant birthday surprises for the birthday celebrant from the Camelot Hotel Complex:

  • Accommodation at the hotel is provided at a discount of 30%;
  • 20% discount for all spa services;
  • Compliment from our chef.

Beautiful place, quality food and excellent service for reasonable money - we offer our guests only the best. We will make your holiday unforgettable! Come and see for your-self!

Birthday celebration in Uzhhorod